This week marks the last full week of operations for watercraft inspection stations as we
transition into Fall. As of Oct. 1, watercraft inspection operations will move from roadside inspection
stations and occur at Cave Rock and Lake Forest launch ramps for the winter season.

This season marks 11 years of Lake Tahoe’s Watercraft Inspection Program. Under the program, every
motorized watercraft is inspected to ensure it is Clean, Drained, and Dry and not carrying aquatic
invasive species (AIS) before launching at Tahoe. Thanks to the diligence of boaters and inspectors, no
new aquatic invasive species have been detected in Lake Tahoe since the program launched in 2008.

Inspectors examined nearly 8,000 watercraft this season, 50% of them arrived clean, drained, and dry.
This is evidence that boaters continue to come to watercraft inspection stations prepared. Eleven
watercraft were found carrying invasive mussels and 29 were harboring other species. Vigilance is
required to protect Lake Tahoe’s waters from new exposures to invasive species.

Each vessel found harboring invasive species was decontaminated before being allowed to launch in
Lake Tahoe. The largest number of decontaminations occur on vessels containing standing water, which
may harbor aquatic invasive species. Boaters are encouraged to continue to be a part of the solution by
cleaning, draining, and drying their vessel before launching in any waterbody. This includes both
motorized and nonmotorized watercraft.

During winter season operations, Tahoe Resource Conservation District inspectors will conduct aquatic
invasive species inspections and decontaminations from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week, weather
permitting at Cave Rock and Lake Forest launch ramps. All motorized watercraft without intact Tahoe
Inspection seals will be required to get an inspection during daylight hours.

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social media through Facebook and Twitter @TahoeBoating or online at You can find useful information on aquatic invasive species, and tips
on how to prepare for watercraft inspections.