Prepare for



Clean all surfaces that touch water; Dispose of vegetation, mud, and sand; Remove any contaminants.
Drain water from the bilge; Empty ballast tanks, live wells, and sea strainers; Lower the outdrive to drain ALL water from intakes.

Dry all compartments; Dry life jackets, ropes, and toys. Any water present during the inspection will result in a decontamination and a decontamination fee.

What to expect at the Watercraft Inspection Station:

Watercraft inspection stations serve four basic functions:

  • Provide AIS education messages to boaters.
  • Physically and visually inspect vessels for aquatic invasive species. The inspection consists of a brief interview and a watercraft inspection.
  • Decontaminate watercraft if necessary.
  • Provide the required stickers and seals to launch in Lake Tahoe (or Fallen Leaf Lake and Echo Lake).

After you pass inspection or are decontaminated, you will receive a Tahoe sticker along with a wire seal that attaches your boat to your trailer. The seal is required to launch in Lake Tahoe and is removed at the launch site.