Stickers and Fees

After passing inspection, you will receive a Tahoe inspection sticker (good for calendar year purchased) and a Tahoe, Fallen Leaf, or Echo wire seal which attaches your boat to your trailer.


  • Wakeboard and other vessels with ballast tanks will always require a decontamination because the tanks retain water and are unable to be inspected visually. Please consider arriving earlier to ensure adequate time to complete your vessel.
  • There is no sticker fee for non-motorized or electric powered watercraft, however a fee may be collected for decontamination services for complex sailboats, electric vessels that siphon raw water such as electric wake boats, or similarly sophisticated non-traditional vessels.
  • The updated Lake Tahoe Shoreline Plan increases the aquatic invasive species inspection fee by $12.  Funds raised will be used to help control existing populations of invasive species and boating safety education.
  • For vessels transported by a commercial hauler, call the AIS hotline: 888-824-6267.
  • Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted at the inspection stations.

Tahoe In and Out Pass Fees

  • $70 — Personal Watercraft (PWC) and Vessels up to 17′
  • $115 — Vessels 17’1″ and up

Tahoe In & Out stickers are only available at roadside inspection stations and include unlimited inspections during the calendar year purchased; additional decontamination fees may still apply if necessary.

Tahoe-Only Pass Fees

$50 — All sealed vessels

Tahoe Only stickers are reserved for Tahoe, Fallen Leaf, or Echo inspection sealed boats from previous seasons that will only launch in those lakes.

  • If your boat has its Tahoe region wire seal still intact from a previous season, AND you plan to boat in Lake Tahoe, Fallen Leaf, or Echo Lakes ONLY, you may purchase a Tahoe Only sticker from an inspection station, or directly from a Lake Tahoe launch facility of your choice.
  • Boats with Tahoe Only stickers that DO NOT have an intact Tahoe region wire seal will be required to visit one of the roadside inspection stations for an inspection and will be required to upgrade their sticker to a Tahoe In & Out for the difference of the fee at that time; decontamination fees may apply.

** A boat owner can upgrade from a Tahoe Only Sticker to a Tahoe In and Out sticker by paying the difference between the two stickers.

Single Inspection Pass Fees

  • $65 — Personal Watercraft (PWC) and Vessels up to 17′
  • $95 — Vessels 17’1″ and up

Single Inspection pass is only available at roadside inspection stations. The pass is eligible for 1 inspection and 7 consecutive days of wire sealing/unsealing at launch facilities on Lake Tahoe, Fallen leaf, or Echo Lakes. Additional decontamination fees may apply if necessary.

Decontamination Fee

Vessel Decontamination Fees:

$30 — Simple Decontamination (single system)

$60 — Intermediate Decontamination (2-3 Systems)

$110 Complex Decontamination (4 or more systems)

A system is considered an element of a watercraft that requires a decontamination and includes: hull, bilge, engine, live well, anchor locker, etc.

Ballast Tank Decontamination Fees: These fees are in addition to any vessel decontamination fees

$30 Drained Ballast Tanks decontamination

$60 — Undrained Ballast Tanks Decontamination

$350 — Decontaminations with Mussels Attached – Includes all decontamination processes