Tahoe Keeper Fleet

When you see a Tahoe Keeper Fleet sticker, you know you are renting from a business committed to following Clean, Drain, and Dry, the most effective habit to protect the waters of the Lake Tahoe Region from aquatic invasive species.

These businesses educate their staff and customers about Tahoe Keepers and ensure their fleet of rentals does not spread aquatic invasive species.  

A sticked composed of the Tahoe Keepers Logo with "Lake Tahoe Fleet" written below.
A sticker composted of the Tahoe Keeper logo and text that reads "Echo & Fallen Leaf Lakes Fleet"

Trained Tahoe Keeper Fleet Participants:

The Tahoe Keeper Fleet is currently a pilot program. As businesses complete their Tahoe Keepers training and commit to Clean, Drain, Dry principles, they will be listed here. If are a business owner who would like to participate, please contact us.

The Tahoe Keepers program is a part of the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) priority set forth by the Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) partnership. The network of EIP partners work collectively to prevent the spread of AIS. The Tahoe Keeper Fleet Program is an extension of Tahoe Keepers. The Tahoe Keeper Fleet Program encourages non-motorized watercraft rental businesses to prevent the spread of AIS. Businesses that participate in the Tahoe Keeper Fleet Program have certified that they meet Clean, Drain, and Dry requirements. Any participation, listing, or other affiliation with the Tahoe Keeper Fleet Program is strictly limited to meeting Clean, Drain, and Dry requirements, and in no way represents, expressly or impliedly, that participants are in compliance with any other applicable rules and regulations, including but not limited to those set by the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Coast Guard, California State Lands Commission, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, or other local, state, or federal agency. Inclusion in the Tahoe Keeper Fleet Program shall not be construed as any waiver whatsoever, express or implied, by TRPA or any other agency, of any applicable legal requirement with respect to Program participants, nor shall Program participation estop or otherwise prevent TRPA or any other agency from taking enforcement action against participants who violate applicable rules and regulations.