Is there a fee for inspections & what is the difference between a Tahoe Only and a Tahoe In & Out sticker?
How long does an inspection take & what should I expect when I arrive at the inspection station?
What are the inspection station hours of operation?
Is my Lake Tahoe inspection sticker or seal valid at any other lakes in the basin, like Fallen Leaf Lake, Echo Lake or Spooner Lake?
What is the Nevada AIS decal and does it allow me access to Lake Tahoe?
What is the California Quagga Mussel Fee? How does it relate to Tahoe Inspections?
Is there a boat inspection program for the Truckee Regional Lakes and Reservoirs?
Why are inspections so important & what are inspectors looking for?
Do brand new boats or engines still need an inspection?
Are 2-stroke engines allowed to launch on Lake Tahoe or the surrounding lakes in the area?
What can I do to make my boat inspection a quick and simple process?
What is a boat decontamination & how long do they take?
I already have my Tahoe Inspection seal attached to my boat from last year, can I go directly to the launch?
What should I do if I use a commercial transport company to bring my large or oversized boat to Lake Tahoe?
How does winter weather affect boat inspections and inspection locations?
What are Quagga and Zebra mussels & how many waterbodies are known to be infested with them?
Why should we be concerned about aquatic invasive species (AIS) in California and/or Lake Tahoe?
What is the environmental impact of the Quagga and Zebra mussel?
What is the economic impact of the Quagga and Zebra mussel?
How did the Quagga and Zebra mussels get to the Western US?
What other lakes in the Western US have boat inspection programs?
Can we get rid of mussels if Lake Tahoe becomes infested?
What does the law say about aquatic invasive species or aquatic nuisance species?
What about seaplanes?