Lake Tahoe, CA/NV –  Most launch facilities at Lake Tahoe have announced they will begin opening this week with COVID precautionary plans in place to protect the health of their staff and boaters. At this time, only vessels with an intact Lake Tahoe inspection seal can launch and no uninspected vessels from outside the Tahoe Region will be able to get on the water until orders to help slow the spread of the coronavirus are further relaxed.

An inspection seal is a unique, secure wire attached by ramp or marina staff to the boat and trailer when it is hauled out of Lake Tahoe that certifies it doesn’t need an aquatic invasive species inspection at its next launch. The Ready To Launch page has the most current opening dates for public and private boat launches.

Watercraft inspection stations for the detection and prevention of aquatic invasive species will remain closed to boaters until further notice.

For further information on watercraft inspections, Contact Us.

Heads up paddlers! We remind you to play it safe and make sure your gear is Clean, Drained and Dry. Always wear your life jacket, and use the Lake Tahoe Water Trail website  to find launch/landing sites, mapped paddle routes, water safety tips, and weather conditions. Learn how to self-inspect your gear to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species by becoming a Tahoe Keeper

The Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Program is implemented by 40 public and private partner organizations, including federal, state, and local jurisdictions, research partners, public utility districts, and private marinas. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the Tahoe Resource Conservation District lead the program in collaboration with the public and private partners. The program’s mission is to prevent, detect, and control aquatic invasive species in the Region so that future generations can enjoy Lake Tahoe.