Tahoe Keeper Jr’s

This summer the Tahoe Keeper program has expanded to the “Tahoe Keeper Jr’s”. Students attending summer camps all around the basin are learning how they can make a difference. Many summer camps already take students paddling as part of their camp. Tahoe RCD educators share with students how they can help protect the lake they love, before they head out on a paddling adventure.

SOS outreach helping survey non-motorized watercraft

SOS outreach helping survey non-motorized watercraft

Students learn how invasive species take over an ecosystem by playing The Invasive Species Game, where they run around collecting “resources” while trying to survive an “invasion” from a non-native species.This game allows students to release some energy while learning the basics of ecology and species interactions. Once they see how invasive species can take over an ecosystem they are trained on what they can do to protect Lake Tahoe while enjoying the lake.

Other student groups have gone above and beyond by helping the Tahoe Keeper program as a service project. Students from SOS outreach have assisted in beach roving days collecting valuable data on paddlers at Lake Tahoe.


Interested in the Tahoe Keeper Jr program for your kids? Come see us for an afternoon of education and fun at Children’s Environmental Science Day Sunday, August 2nd at Commons Beach in Tahoe City.




Inspecting for Quagga Mussels


Playing the Invasive Species Game