Non-Motorized FAQ

What is a Tahoe Keeper?
Are watercraft inspections mandatory for non-motorized watercraft?
How long does an inspection take?
What can I do to make this a quick and simple process?
Is there a fee for non-motorized watercraft inspections?
How can I get my non-motorized watercraft decontaminated?
What are quagga and zebra mussels?
Why should we be concerned about quagga and zebra mussels in California and/or Lake Tahoe?
What is the environmental impact of the quagga and/or zebra mussel?
What is the economic impact of the quagga and/or zebra mussel?
How did the quagga and zebra mussels get to the Western United States?
Do quagga or zebra mussels have predators?
Can we get rid of them?
What does the law say about these mussels?
Why have all the infested waters not been closed to boat traffic?
What about boats in saltwater? Does saltwater affect the mussels?