Inspection Locations

  • How much does the inspection cost? Fee chart (Payable by Visa or Mastercard ONLY)
  • Do I need to make an appointment? No–it is all first come, first serve
  • Commercially transported boats: please click HERE for information about inspection requirements.
  • Which sticker can I purchase? Tahoe Only, Tahoe In and Out or Single Inspection? find out here


Roadside Inspection Stations:

Location Hours
Alpine Meadows Inspection Station, CA Off of Hwy 89 (River Rd) on Alpine Meadows Rd in the Deer Park parking lot across from the Transfer Station. Notice: no highway signage currently. 8:30am-5:30pm, daily
Truckee-Tahoe Inspection Station, CA Off Hwy 267 and Truckee Airport Road, on Chandelle Way (on north-west edge of airport tarmac) 
8:30am-5:30pm, daily
Meyers Inspection Station, CA 2175 Keetak Street, on the South Shore near the intersection of Highways 89 and 50. Turn on Pomo St. off of HWY 89. 8:30am-5:30pm, daily
Spooner Summit Inspection Station, NV Near the intersection of Hwy 28 and US 50, off of HWY 28 in the Snow Park area. Larger vessels over 30′ may have difficulty with turning radius.
8:30am-5:30pm, daily*
NOTE:  Summer season is May 1-September 30

BALLAST BOATS: All boats with Ballast Tanks require decontamination. To save yourself time and money please make sure they are dry and drained. Alpine and Meyers inspection stations have better infrastructure to handle ballast boats (more hoses and water). Please arrive before 5pm to provide ample time for the decontamination.

 *Spooner Closures and Delays:

Our Spooner Inspection Station has some closures and delays throughout the season due to special events.

  • September 10th – potential closure


Public Launch Ramps

ALL trailered watercraft must have an intact Tahoe wire inspection seal to launch.

Summer Season: May 1st – Sept. 30th  Winter Season: Oct 1st – April 30th

Location Hours:
Sand Harbor (NV St. Parks)   6am-8pm, daily
Cave Rock (NV St. Parks) 6am-8pm daily
Lake Forest (TCPUD) Credit Card payments ONLY. 6am-7pm daily
El Dorado (S. Lake Tahoe) (CSLT)   Opening in May
Coon Street (Kings Beach) (NTPUD)
Opening in May
Tahoe Vista (National Ave) (NTPUD)  Opening in May

Private Launch Facilities

Please contact the following facilities directly for information on launching and hours of operation: